Termite Treatments

White Ants & Spider Termite Treatment
M&R Termite Solutions can provide a wide range of spider treatments, white ants treatments, ant control etc. depending on the nature of the infestation and the environmental conditions at the property.

Every treatment provided by Termite Solutions complies with Victorian Health Department requirements, and Australian Standards.


Our Termite Treatment Includes:
->White ant termite treatments
>Spider Treatments
Termite Baitting and Monitering Systems

We use termite baiting system to aid obtaining colony control when a physical barrier is not possible.


Protective Barrier
The most common preventative treatment for properties that are not infested is a Protective Barrier to Australian Standards AS3660 which prevents termites from being able to gain access to the property.

Involves removing mud tunnels, locating and destroying the colony, and treating the termidor_logoaccess routes used by the termites to gain access to the property. All termite colonies within the property fence-line are destroyed and sprayed.

The type of treatment applied is based on M&R Termite Solutions extensive experience and knowledge, to ensure the most effective solution with minimum impact on the property and the environment.

Our Service Area Includes