Bees Removal Melbourne

Bee removal in Melbourne are known for being insatiable defenders of their hives. A bee nest in the yard can be problematic as they will attack a potential threat. Living in close proximity to bees can be life threatening for those who have allergies to bee stings. There are many types of bees found around us, including bumble bees, carpenter bees and honey bees.

Bee Removal Melbourne

Our Bee Removal Process 

Our bee removal Melbourne process involves a series of steps which are required for a safe, effective, and environmentally-conscious solution to your bee infestation concerns.

Initial Assessment

Our bee removal process begins with a thorough assessment of the bee infestation. We identify the bee species and assess the size, type, and location of the nest. Locating the beehive is crucial. We use specialised equipment like thermal imaging to find hidden bee hives within structures.

Treatment Options

Depending on the situation, we offer various bee removal methods, including live removal and relocation for honeybees, or extermination for aggressive or invasive species.

Safe Bee Removal

If appropriate, we employ live removal techniques for honeybees. We carefully extract and relocate the hive, ensuring the bees are safely relocated to a suitable environment. For aggressive or invasive species, we use safe and effective extermination methods to eliminate the bees while minimising harm to other wildlife and the environment.

Structural Repair

After bee removal, we offer repair and sealing services to prevent future infestations, ensuring your property remains bee-free.

Guaranteed Service

We stand behind the quality of our bee removal Melbourne service and offer guarantees to ensure your satisfaction. Our team guides clients with information on bee behavior and ways to prevent future bee infestations.

While some bees removal are solitary, species such as bumble bees and honey bees are highly social and live in colonies. Before you devise the bee control technique, it is important to identify the species and understand their characteristics. This would make it easier for you to strategize the best treatment process that can treat the infestations right away.

The most effective way to rid your home of bees is to remove the hive completely. This task is highly precarious, and requires the correct equipment and strategy. If you don’t have any prior experience in dealing with bees, then it is necessary to consult a pest control expert.

At M&R Termite Solution, we endeavour to introduce better and more cost effective pest management techniques. We will safely remove the hive from your place and leave your home a better place to live in. If you have any question about our services, feel free to contact us at 0413716233. We look forward to hear from you and help with your bees control and prevention needs.

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Maria Schwestosky

I can’t stop thanking M&R Termite solutions for their timely involvement. Michael was very professional and knew exactly how to handle the situation. We never felt this safe about our property, all credits to Michael.

Steve Johnston, Thomastown

Michael gave us a reasonable quote, when compared to the other providers. The turn around time was quick. We now have a safe, clean and beautiful place for our kids, thanks to Michael for all his help and expertise.

Mohammed Yousuf, Mill Park

The service, prices and most importantly – the quality of work is what makes M&R Termites different from any other providers. I would surely recommend Michael and his team for his great work.

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