Termites in VictoriaFloor - Termite treatments & inspection :Subterranean termites (termites) are prevalent throughout the whole of Victoria. Termites pose an economic risk to homes, buildings and structures in all Victorian municipalities. (CSIRO)

To many Victorians, this could mean that their family home (perhaps their greatest lifetime asset), is placed at risk. (CSIRO)

Protecting your home against Termites
Many people fail to realise, until it’s too late, the extensive amounts of damage that termites cause to modern homes. Termite Damage – Timber Flooring
Termite DamageTermite damage timber flooring Timber Flooring Since they remain concealed in the wood and enter your home through underground leads it is often not until the damage is extensive and timbers collapse, that your realise you have a problem.

Regular Inspections
The Australian Standard recommends at least annual inspections. However, more frequent inspections are strongly recommended. We can perform these inspections for you.

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