What Are The Most Effective Termite Control Methods?

What Are The Most Effective Termite Control Methods?

Termites, also called as white ants, belong to the insect family- isopteran. There are more than 1800 species available worldwide and all of them feed more on the dead wooden material. Termites are aggressive destroyers and should be treated seriously to prevent its disastrous outcome. Extermination of termites is a necessity, hence a professional help is recommended.

Termite Control Methods:


TermiteThe termiticides can be shot directly into the infested wood or into the ground. The professionals will drill holes in the diseased wood and then pump chemicals into it. The holes will be sealed completely to prevent them from coming back and infesting other structures. As a result, termites will wither and die within a short span of time.


This method is a little bit more expensive, but eliminates termite infestation completely. This termite control procedure is long and it involves analysing the infested structure, vacating the residents and pumping gas into the diseased wood. This eliminates the termites and their eggs from your premises.

Bait System:

The professionals will set up baits around your house to attract termites. When they feed on the baits and return to the nest, the toxin will be spread throughout the colony with their feeding habits. The active ingredients of baits include hexaflumuron, trioxide, chlorfluazuron, or noviflumuron which are effective in killing termites.

Chemical Barriers:

This termite protection method involves placing chemicals in the soil around the building foundation. These chemicals are highly undetectable to termites and are carried back to the colony where it will be spread to other termites. The active ingredients include chloropyrifos, fipronil, deltamethrin, bifenthrin or imidacloprid that would have a devastating effect on the colony.

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