Things You Must Know Before Replacing Termite Affected Wood

Termites are dangerous to deal with. They look like flying ants but can eat up your house structure without any alarm. Pest control practices have recently changed intending to prevent future invasions. Likewise, termite control methods also changed as opposed to only treating the existing infestations. As a homeowner, if you suspect termite damage in wood lumber, instead of replacing you can follow these steps or get help from professional termite control experts in your area.

Build Barriers

Instead of applying DIY treatments, keep termite barriers, physical barriers in & around the home, structure wood treatments & regular termite inspections can save your property from getting damaged by termites.

Pressure Treatments

Generally, whether it’s new construction or an upgrade, people go for borate-treated wood lumbers. It does make up for a popular termite preventing medicine. However, when the medicine dries & wears off quickly, there would be a chance for these termites to attack. Pressure treatments can penetrate deep into the infested wood or new wood lumbers & help the medicine reach inside the wood at least ½ inch & kill any insects or crawlers inside thoroughly. However, topical treatments like wood polishing or spraying can act only on the surface & may last for months. It is not a suitable option if you live in an area that is prone to termite attacks.

Replace The Wood

If you suspect their presence even after pressure treatment, consider replacing the wood structure with a new one and ensure it is termite-proofed. You can even sun-dry them for days to ensure there are no termites in them. No matter how much you check, having a termite inspection done by a professional will help you understand the type of termites invading property and the steps you need to make to prevent future infestations.

If you’re a house owner and want to prevent your property from termites, call experts from M&R Termites to help you out. For termite inspections, call 0413716233.

Five Easy Ways To Prevent Termite Infestation In Your Home

Termites play an integral role within our environment, but when they start invading your home, they turn out to be one of the most hated enemies. Well, there is a solution for every problem. Likewise, there are certain termite control practices that can be implemented to prevent the infestation from turning into a nightmare. They are as follows:

Get Rid Of Moisture:

Moisture is one of the major factors that attract termites into your home, so take necessary steps to eliminate excess moisture from your home. You may use a dehumidifier or switch on the air conditioner periodically to maintain a cool temperature and remove excess moistness from the air indoors.  

Fix The Leaks:

Fix and seal all the leakages promptly as decayed and moisture-laden walls serve as a perfect host for the termites. Carry out frequent inspection of your basements and corners of your house as these are the first ones to invite pests.

Reduce Food Sources:

Termites can make an easy trip to the inside of your home from external wood and siding to internal wood. So, make sure that you have stored all the wood piles at least 25 feet away from your house. Even the mulch piles, firewood, tree stump and nature’s wood pile should be thrown away to prevent termites from making their way into your home.

Declutter Your House:

Useless papers, old magazines, cardboards and newspapers can provide a great environment for termites to thrive, so it is important to declutter your house on a regular basis. Also, if you have found termite infestation in any of your rooms, don’t move any stuff from that room to other parts of your house. This helps prevent the further spread of the infestation.

Carry Out Termite Inspection:

If you suspect that your property is vulnerable to termite attack, call the professional pest terminators to carry out a termite inspection. They will check every nook and corner of your home, and come up with a bespoke termite treatment plan to eradicate the infestation.

For termite control in Melbourne, look no further than M&R Termite Solutions. We have a wealth of experience in the pest control industry and can provide you with the best and long-lasting solution. For any queries about our termite treatment, feel free to give us a call on 0413 716 233

Moving To A New Home? Termite-Proof Before You Settle In – Here’s Why?

Moving to a new home? There are many things that you should do; Termite prevention is one of them. Termites are dangerous; they can destroy your home structure. Whether you’re buying an old property, pest-proofing your home before you settle is the safest option. So, you can happily arrange things and enjoy your new home space. When it comes to termite infestation, they may hide under the roofing or in your wooden structures. Regardless of your home location, size, age and model, you need to ensure that your home is termite-free. So, as a property owner, you need to take precautions to save your home as well as your wallet. How can you prevent termite infestation and what you need to do? Here’s the guidance.

  • To prevent an infestation and damage, call the pest control professionals to help you out. If you have two to three weeks before you move in, it’s best to get the professionals to inspect the property.
  • Check for any stacking firewood or other wood type materials within 25 feet of a home.
  • Avoid using mulch for landscaping near the exterior of the home as wood mulch is the entryway for termites to infest your home, ensure to remove them.
  • Inspect the outside of the home for moisture problems
  • Termites thrive well in rotten and damp areas. When it comes to wooden windows and doors to show signs of moisture within 4 to 5 years of installation. So, caulk around all the windows, all the wooden windows, and doors to prevent the moisture from entering.
  • Keep the surrounding area around your home moisture-free.
  • Maintain the gutters and downspouts to prevent leaks and proper drainage.

Bottom Line When you follow these steps, you can control the termite infestation to a great extent! However, when you hire termite control professionals like MR Termite Solutions, you can leave the stress to them and move in happily to the home you bought. If you’re looking for termite control services across Watsonia, call MR Termite Solutions on 0413716233 today.

Are Termites Dangerous?

Termite Treatment Eltham NorthAre you hearing that clicking sound from your walls often? It could be termites. They bite your costly furniture, wood ceilings, and floors in search of food. They are noisy eaters and loves to devour your wood as fast as they can. 

These termites in search of cellulose can go deep into the wood and weaken the structure. If it gets unnoticed, your wood may go fragile. Termites are destructive creatures that can spoil your beautiful home. It may be hard to find the infestation of termites since most of the termites are wood colored. The most common threat is termites poop or frass can be harmful to humans, it can cause contact dermatitis. It is safe to eradicate them as early as possible. This is where you need to be proactive and get the help of a reputed pest control service. 

How To Find If Your Home Is Infested By Termites?

  • Discarded wings near the doors or windows

  • Floors appear damp as if it has been damaged

  • Wood damage due to chewing

  • Grinding sound from the walls

  • Termite wood droppings resemble wood dust

  • White termites crawl over the surface resembling white ants

How Can Termite Affect People?

  • They do not directly bite humans; however termite frass can be allergic to people who have sensitive skin.

  • Your pets can get infested with allergies.

  • Termite’s frass if inhaled might cause asthma.

  • Additionally it can spoil your garden trees by creating nests inside.

  • It can cause molds on your walls, which in turn affects the indoor air quality.

What You Should Do When Your Home Is Infested By Termites?

You can use any of these signs to spot them. As soon as you suspect their presence, you can call any professional pest control services, who can eradicate them by assessing its severity. It is better not to use any DIY skills to clear them on your own; in turn, it will affect your wood‘s quality. 

Protect your home by calling M&R Termites Solutions today on 0413716233.

What Are The Most Effective Termite Control Methods?

Termites, also called as white ants, belong to the insect family- isopteran. There are more than 1800 species available worldwide and all of them feed more on the dead wooden material. Termites are aggressive destroyers and should be treated seriously to prevent its disastrous outcome. Extermination of termites is a necessity, hence a professional help is recommended.

Termite Control Methods:


TermiteThe termiticides can be shot directly into the infested wood or into the ground. The professionals will drill holes in the diseased wood and then pump chemicals into it. The holes will be sealed completely to prevent them from coming back and infesting other structures. As a result, termites will wither and die within a short span of time.


This method is a little bit more expensive, but eliminates termite infestation completely. This termite control procedure is long and it involves analysing the infested structure, vacating the residents and pumping gas into the diseased wood. This eliminates the termites and their eggs from your premises.

Bait System:

The professionals will set up baits around your house to attract termites. When they feed on the baits and return to the nest, the toxin will be spread throughout the colony with their feeding habits. The active ingredients of baits include hexaflumuron, trioxide, chlorfluazuron, or noviflumuron which are effective in killing termites.

Chemical Barriers:

This termite protection method involves placing chemicals in the soil around the building foundation. These chemicals are highly undetectable to termites and are carried back to the colony where it will be spread to other termites. The active ingredients include chloropyrifos, fipronil, deltamethrin, bifenthrin or imidacloprid that would have a devastating effect on the colony.

No matter what the extent of infestation is, you can rely on M&R Termite Solutions. We have years of experience & expertise in the pest control industry, we have been there and done that. Our qualified professionals will conduct termite inspection and take required steps to help you with your problem for good.

Why should you choose a Professional Company for Pest Control in Watsonia?

Controlling pest in your home is extremely important to ensure a healthy and safe environment to live in. While there are so many species of pests found around us, termites cause serious damages to properties and also lead to costly repairs. If you suspect any pest activities in your home, you should never hesitate to conduct termite inspections in Mill Park. When you explore around, you would come across a huge number of companies offering pest treatments, but choosing the experienced service provider will help you reaping enormous benefits.

Companies dealing with pest control Watsonia work based on your personal schedule. So, you don’t have to miss the important business meet or cancel daily activities and wait for the experts. They will be ready to carry out the inspection and provide required treatments in your preferred schedule.

Controlling termites in Watsonia takes enormous time, but using the right products helps you to protect your home from these dangerous pests successfully.  If you are decided to do yourself, you may not have the right equipment and products to treat your home properly. But, a pest control company will have in-depth knowledge and use appropriate chemicals to provide the best termite and Spider Treatments in Northern Suburbs.

To ensure the safety of the occupants, many pest control companies are going green and using eco-friendly products. They also avoid using harsh chemical products that can be extremely dangerous for the residents and pets. The experts will have the essential knowledge to guarantee the safety of your home and family by providing Termite Protection Epping.

Most people adopt do-it-yourself techniques with the intention of saving their money. You must remember that many chemical products available in the market are extremely dangerous. When you expose yourself to those chemicals, you would be facing serious impacts. That is why it is highly recommended to hire experts for White Ants Treatments in Bundoora.

Unless you are acquainted with pest treatment, you must hire the professionals who have wealth of experience to perform pest inspection, look for common signs of termites and come up with effective pest control treatments.

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